Ty Connor

Ty Connor has lived in Eugene for over 32 years and has tended bar around Eugene for over 25 of those years: he has interacted with a large volume of Eugenians at their best and their worst, drinking at the bar! Ty regularly performs as a pianist at local establishments, periodically hosts a Disney sing-a-long, is a spoken-word performance artist (comedian/poet), and has been seen “dropping his smile” while walking on the streets downtown…

Some of his favorite members of the Legion of Eugene Super Non-Heroes (…they show up late when something bad happens and offer no help):

  • Whatever Man
  • That Must Suck For You Man
  • Bummer Dude
  • Sup Dawg (Bummer Dude’s mascot)
  • Sorry Bro
  • Chill-Out Dude
  • You Dropped Your Smile Man