Heather Anne Henderson

Jojo Jensen talks with audiobook narrator Heather Anne Henderson.

Heather Henderson talks about working as a professional voice talent and award winning audiobook narrator. Heather shares how she got started, the classes, how she put together her fancy studio, and the projects she has worked on. Learn about the ins and outs of how grueling it can be to narrate an audiobook. For a bonus you will also learn what a “bonnet ripper” is..

Take a listen to Heather’s many books here:
Heather’s Audible Page

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Jud Turner

In this episode, Adam Wendt interviews local artist Jud Turner.

Jud Turner grew up in Eugene on a diet of skateboarding, punk rock, progressive politics, poly-spirituality and the philosophy that “fun is all”. While studying classic art at the University of Oregon in the early 90’s he decided to take a welding class at Lane Community College and his love of metal work began. He makes art out of materials that were not originally intended to be artistic mediums. His work can now be found in galleries world-wide.


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Jill Sager

Jill Sager, tarot reader, channel, author and hand drummer talks with JoJo about her intuitive gifts and how and why she shares her abilities of intuition and insight with clients. Jill taps into what she calls Guidance and believes everyone has a connection with the Universe. In this episode, she gives some tips on how to deepen that connection and really trust what your intuition is telling you.

Jill is known not only for her gifts as a channel, but also as a hand drummer. She opened the Hands On Rhythm and Drum School in 2000 and taught hand drumming, led drum circles, and published a book and DVD, Beginning Hand Drumming: A Guide to Recreation and Wellness.

Jill is finishing a book about Guidance while she works with clients, both at her private studio and at the Eugene Saturday Market. 

You can find more about Jill at jillamysager.com/