J Allen Cross

J Allen Cross

JoJo talks with J. Allen Cross who is an author, a psychic and a witch. His book, American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic was released in May 2020.

J Allen Cross Book

They talk witchy practices, cultural appropriation and ghost hunting – or at least getting the ghosts to cross over. Join us for a lively and WOO-ful conversation.

You can find J on Instagram at @ Oregon_Wood_Witch

And did we mention he is a co-host on the super cool podcast INVOKING WITCHCRAFT?

Brent Hefley

Brent Hefley

In this episode JoJo talks with Brent Hefley, bee keeper and wrangler, operator of Plan Bees a Bee relocation company (saying the Bees!) and a fountain of knowledge of native Oregon bees.

They talk honey bees – and how they are dealing with mites, but not really in danger. But the bees that are in danger due to lack of habitat are Oregon’s native bees. Learn how you can create a small but important bee haven where you live.

And the links — so many great links to find yourself in Bee Heaven.

Oregon Bee Project
OSU Extension Service
Oregon State University
Bumble Bee Watch
2 Million Blossoms
Linn Master Gardeners
Mason Bees Supply

To reach out to Brent to rescue bees or just get more info – go to his website (there is a phone number there to call too) – Plan Bees