Dan Schmid

In this episode, Adam Wendt talks with bassist, artist, and food industry veteran, Dan Schmid. Dan moved to Eugene to attend the  University of Oregon in the 1980s, and in the decades since has been an active member of the local and national music scene from the Jazz Greats to the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. Dan takes EugCast listeners on a tour of the 80s and 90s Eugene “bohemian” scene like a raccoon on LSD. He talks about Lenny’s Nosh Bar , underground music venues, the importance of meeting spaces, and opportunities for artists to connect.
Dan talks about playing shows at the WOW Hall, Max’s Tavern, and local underground venues. He also talks about touring the world in support of the album Zoot Suit Riot.

Heather Anne Henderson

Jojo Jensen talks with audiobook narrator Heather Anne Henderson.

Heather Henderson talks about working as a professional voice talent and award winning audiobook narrator. Heather shares how she got started, the classes, how she put together her fancy studio, and the projects she has worked on. Learn about the ins and outs of how grueling it can be to narrate an audiobook. For a bonus you will also learn what a “bonnet ripper” is..

Take a listen to Heather’s many books here:
Heather’s Audible Page

You can also learn more about Heather and see her Portfolio on her website

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Jud Turner

In this episode, Adam Wendt interviews local artist Jud Turner.

Jud Turner grew up in Eugene on a diet of skateboarding, punk rock, progressive politics, poly-spirituality and the philosophy that “fun is all”. While studying classic art at the University of Oregon in the early 90’s he decided to take a welding class at Lane Community College and his love of metal work began. He makes art out of materials that were not originally intended to be artistic mediums. His work can now be found in galleries world-wide.


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Jill Sager

Jill Sager, tarot reader, channel, author and hand drummer talks with JoJo about her intuitive gifts and how and why she shares her abilities of intuition and insight with clients. Jill taps into what she calls Guidance and believes everyone has a connection with the Universe. In this episode, she gives some tips on how to deepen that connection and really trust what your intuition is telling you.

Jill is known not only for her gifts as a channel, but also as a hand drummer. She opened the Hands On Rhythm and Drum School in 2000 and taught hand drumming, led drum circles, and published a book and DVD, Beginning Hand Drumming: A Guide to Recreation and Wellness.

Jill is finishing a book about Guidance while she works with clients, both at her private studio and at the Eugene Saturday Market. 

You can find more about Jill at jillamysager.com/

Mark Davis

Adam Wendt interviews Mark Davis. Mark is a founder of Code Chops (Eugene’s first tech co-working space), Eugene Tech, Dark Matter and is a Mozilla Open Leader.


Mark is an advocate and supporter of downtown Eugene rejuvenation and has been a major player in bringing business downtown for almost a decade. He’s not afraid to start projects and is obsessed with collaboration. His favorite project at the moment is KING-PONG and he’s especially excited about opening a new Adaptive Prototyping Lab and highlighting Eugene as a Maker City. He’s on the planning team for The Nation of Makers Conference 2020 in Eugene.

Mark is a founder of Code Chops (Eugene’s first tech co-working space), Eugene Tech, Dark Matter and is a Mozilla Open Leader.

Howard Libes

Adam Wendt interviews Howard Libes, a Eugene area writer and music industry hotshot. The interview wanders around Eugene like a raccoon on LSD.

Howard Libes has been a writer for over 30 years. He edited the 2,300-page manuscript of If They Move … Kill’em: The Life and Times of Sam Peckinpah by David Weddle (Atlantic/Grove Press) and worked as a collaborator — writer and interviewer — on Among the Mansions of Eden: Tales of Love, Lust, and Land in Beverly Hills by David Weddle (William Morrow/HarperCollins).

He has been a freelance writer for many publications too, including Fuel and Los Angeles Times Magazine. Howard’s writing career has been sidetracked a few times over the years by the music business. Most notably, he managed the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies who sold over 2 million albums.

He is currently tapping into his lifelong obsession with science fiction and writing the SEEDER series. In October 2017, When All Else Fails, volume one in the series, was released online and in stores. The second volume in the series, Foreseeable Future, is due out in Fall/Winter 2020.

Valerie J Brooks

Val is a lifelong reader and writer who enjoys writing about strong, gutsy women who make mistakes and have lots of baggage.
Growing up in puritanical New England during the 1950’s-60’s she was drawn to the gothic, the secrets, mystery and the dark side of human nature. She has received an Elizabeth George Foundation grant and the Monticello Award for Fiction.
Val’s work has appeared in Scent of Cedars: Promising writers of the Pacific Northwest (Russell Dean & Company) and France, a Love Story (Seal Press/Avalon).
Her femme noir novel, Revenge in 3 Parts is available online and in bookstores and her protagonist, Angeline Porter returns in Tainted Times 2.

You can find more info on Val and all her books at valeriejbrooks.com

You can also find Val on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Ty Connor

Ty Connor

Ty Connor has lived in Eugene for over 32 years and has tended bar around Eugene for over 25 of those years: he has interacted with a large volume of Eugenians at their best and their worst, drinking at the bar! Ty regularly performs as a pianist at local establishments, periodically hosts a Disney sing-a-long, is a spoken-word performance artist (comedian/poet), and has been seen “dropping his smile” while walking on the streets downtown…

Some of his favorite members of the Legion of Eugene Super Non-Heroes (…they show up late when something bad happens and offer no help):

  • Whatever Man
  • That Must Suck For You Man
  • Bummer Dude
  • Sup Dawg (Bummer Dude’s mascot)
  • Sorry Bro
  • Chill-Out Dude
  • You Dropped Your Smile Man

Kenya Luvert

Kenya Luvert’s page on Audioboom

EugCast host Adam Wendt had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Kenya Luvert inside our studio at Trifoia in Eugene, OR.

Kenya Luvert, a Clinical Social Work Associate, talks about some of the difficulties about living in Oregon as a person of color. Kenya, a CSWA (Clinical Social Work Associate), has earned her Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW). Kenya is a positive individual who loves to encourage herself and others to become their best self and to utilize the unique gifts and talents in each of us to benefit the surrounding community. She believes we can all be living, loving and learning in the present, holistically, with the whole mind, body and spirit. She seeks to give these gifts, among other ways, through mentor relationships.

Kenya served many years as a volunteer for the Eugene/Springfield NAACP branch in the role of mentor coordinator for African American youth completing a project in the Visual or Performing Arts, Humanities, and/or Sciences, encouraging them to identify and utilize their gifts and talents and share that with the community, and is spearheading a new campaign named the ACT-SO Program



Interview recorded 11/01/18 at Trifoia with Adam Wendt

Jan Eliot

Jan Eliot

EugCast host JoJo Jensen interviewed cartoonist (and so much more!) Jan Eliot, who started cartooning when she was a divorced working mom trying to raise two daughters, work full-time, pay too many bills with two little money, and still have a little fun.


Drawing (literally) from her own experiences, Jan tried to reflect real life and real emotions, with empathy for anyone with too little time, money or patience. Her first comic strip, Patience and Sarah, began as a weekly feature in a local alternative newspaper and ran for 3 years. It was reprinted in parenting magazines and books in the years following, giving Eliot the courage to try a second strip, Sister City, which ran weekly in her local daily paper the Eugene Register-Guard. It ran for 5 years, when the strip was picked up by Universal Press Syndicate and renamed Stone Soup. On November 20, 1995, after many years of wishing and hoping, Eliot saw her creation launched nationally as a daily comic strip.

Stone Soup cartoon originals have been exhibited in:

  • The Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa
  • The San Francisco Museum of Cartoon Art
  • B.D. Amadora, an international cartoon exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal
  • The Library of Congress, which has acquired 30 Stone Soup cartoons for their permanent collection

Habitat for Humanity
Stone Soup characters are helping raise awareness for Habitat for Humanity International. Joan and Val appear on Women Build t-shirts and Safety Posters, the whole clan on Katrina rebuild t-shirts, and most recently in a campaign to promote the Cars for Homes donation program.


  • Women Make a Difference award, International Women’s Forum, 2009
  • College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Fellow Award, University of Oregon, 2005
  • Best Book, B.D. Amadora International Cartoon Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal 2001

Eliot works from her home studio in Eugene, Oregon, where she lives with her husband Ted and her corgi Sydney. Her two daughters are grown and have families of their own, and still manage to provide material for the strip.